Thursday, March 29, 2012

Scary Art

Friday in class we looked at a slideshow of scary art. Honestly I don't really like art that is scary but pretty, appealing art. But there is something about things that are weird that you can't look away.

I came across an artist named Francesco Sambo who is from Italy and a digital artist. He has a series called Bestiario, that has 9 human/animal collaberations. He makes the human body look so animalesk it's weird, but very interesting.

He also did a series called the dark side where he has pictures of weird alien hoolow eyed babies which all have something creepy going on. Ones a clown, one has a chain around its neck, one has a knife, They are all very creepy but very well rendered.

The more of his art I see the creepier it gets. He also has a collection called Masquerade, which is all kinds of creepy tatooed guys in masks doing creepy things. In the one picture the man is licking a huge knife.

And the last collection of his I'm going to share is his self portraits. They are not the run of the mill self portraits though. They are dark and weird!

Even though this man is dark and creepy, He is definitly an artist who has an amazing imagination. I would  never be able to think of the things he does. It makes you wonder how sane this person is.

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